End-of-Life Care, Hospice and Medical Ethics Consultation
Talk to an experienced physician or hospice nurse to help arrange for ethical and compassionate care consistent with Catholic teaching.

Our specialized ethics team will make every effort to match you with the right provider to help you with your situation. Our team includes an experienced Catholic hospice nurse as well as physicians with specific training and experience in Catholic medical ethics, medically complex patients, and geriatrics. We also have a pediatric intensive care specialist and a pediatrician with graduate training in Catholic medical ethics.  Please meet our team below.

Consultations that include your current treating physician

We are happy to arrange for a virtual meeting that includes your current treating physician or health care provider as well as the patient and/or patient’s loved ones. Telehealth law requires that our providers are licensed in the state in which the patient is located. There is an exception, however, for provider-to-provider consultation. So, as long as your treating provider is included in the meeting, any of our providers can offer our consultation services anywhere in the United States and Mexico. To arrange for a virtual meeting that includes your current physician, please call 203-590-9360 (9 am-10 pm EST).

Caregiver Support

Private consultations without your current healthcare professional

Our team is happy to help you arrange for ethical end-of-life care consistent with Catholic teaching.  We can help you:

  • think through your options given your current medical situation, or that of a loved one
  • write an advanced directive
  • fill out a healthcare proxy form
  • answer questions about POLST (Physician’s Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment) forms
  • Answer medical ethics questions

If you would like consultation without including your current physician or healthcare professional, we do have licensed professionals in most U.S. states and throughout Mexico. Please follow the “Start Here” directions below to identify the best provider for you and schedule an appointment.  Immediate consultation may be available.

Payment information

We offer a free 10 minute initial phone call or video consultation to determine if we are able to meet your needs. No payment information is required for this initial visit. 

MyCatholicDoctor accepts most insurance plans and healthshares.  There is no payment necessary at the time of service if you wish to have us bill your insurance. Reimbursement for our services by insurance, Medicaid and Medicare has been greatly expanded in 2019. We also offer cash rates that are lower than the cost of most in-person visits. We accept credit, debit, and flex spending card payment for cash services and provide you with an itemized receipt that contains all the info you need to submit it flex spending plans, health savings accounts, and other healthcare payers.

Learn more about billing and payment options.

Meet Our Team

Arnoldo Padilla Vazquez, M.D.
Internal Medicine Physician

Dr. Padilla Vazquez sees adults for all medical concerns including acute and chronic conditions, COVID care, behavioral/mental health, men's health, and end-of-life care consultation. He has a particular interest in Functional Medicine. Dr. Padilla Vazquez is fluent in English and Spanish.

Dr. Kerry Pound, M.D.

Dr. Pound sees children and young adults for all medical needs including adolescent women's health needs. Dr. Pound is thrilled to be a part of MyCatholicDoctor and integrate her medical skills with her Catholic faith in treating patients.

Thomas M. Carroll M.D., Ph.D.
Palliative Care

Dr. Carroll sees adults for end-of-life/palliative care consultation.

Amber Day, M.D.

Dr. Day sees patients from birth through young adulthood. She is especially passionate about helping parents raise children who are healthy in mind, body and soul.

David Wachs, M.D.
Family Practice Physician

Dr. Wachs sees patients of all ages for all general medical needs and behavioral health. Dr. Wachs has a special interest in infertility care and family planning as well as geriatrics and end of life care from a Catholic perspective.

Mary Nave, M.D.

Dr. Nave sees children and adolescents for all medical and mental health needs.

Kim Marie Reyes, M.D.
Primary Care Physician, Women's health and fertility specialist

General practice: Primary Care women and men, urgent and chronic conditions (age 13 and up), urgent care age 13 and up, palliative care, end of life discussions, planning. OB/GYN: Board certified, NFP trained, Women’s health and telehealth OB, STI's, obstetrics, gynecology, infertility, menopause, bioidentical hormones; Primary English, conversational Spanish.

Martin Owen, M.D.
Family Practice Physician, Restorative Reproductive Medicine, Catholic Sexual Medicine

Dr. Owen is a family practice physician who sees patients of all ages for all general medical needs. He has a special interest in reproductive and sexual health from a Catholic perspective. He sees adolescents and adults in need of restorative reproductive medical care, using medical management protocols and reproductive physiology.

David Wittgens, M.D.
Family Practice Physician, Sports Medicine

Dr. Wittgens is a family practice physician who sees patients of all ages. In addition to all general medical care, he has special interests in dermatology, sports medicine, and natural family planning.

Rebecca Sweeney, M.D.

Dr. Sweeney sees patients from birth through young adulthood for medical and behavioral health needs.

Chuck R. Colas, D.O.
Family Practice Physician

Dr. Colas is a family practice physician who sees patients of all ages for all general medical needs. Dr. Colas has a special interest in palliative and end-of-life care.

Aimee J. Gustitis, BSN, RN, JD
Managing Partner at Good Caregiver, LLC

Aimee Gustitis advises those caring for an aging spouse, parent or sibling how to comfortably and confidently age in place. She offers both individual sessions and family conferences. Contact Aimee to see how she can aid your family to find peace during this difficult time.

Matthew Estrade, MA, MBA

Matthew coaches care partners (caregivers) of persons living with Alzheimer’s or related dementias in strategies to make the best of a challenging situation. Appointments are typically for care partners so that they can speak frankly, however, they may include the person living with dementia if that is preferred. He also facilitates care partner support groups online to help them find fellowship and brainstorm solutions together. Support groups are also offered for persons living with dementia in the early stages. To Matthew, it is a privilege partnering with families to see what can be done to live life to its fullest.

Kathleen Berchelmann, M.D.

Dr. Berchelmann treats patients from birth through young adulthood for medical and behavioral health needs.  She is available for virtual primary care. She also provides vaccine and medication consultation.

James Ulager, M.D., FAAFP
Family Physician

Dr. Ulager sees patients of all ages and genders.

Find and End-of-Life Care, Hospice, and/or Medical Ethics Provider
Start Here:

In order for us to show you which of our licensed providers can help you, we need to know if the patient is an adult and where the patient is located. No other personal information is required unless you choose to see a provider or make an appointment.

Step 1: How old is the patient?

Looking for a faithful Catholic provider?

Get connected with a medical professional from the comfort of your own home. MyCatholicDoctor brings a team of faithful medical professionals to patients through video-based health consultation on almost any smartphone, computer or tablet.

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  • Direct access to compassionate and faithful healthcare providers using your smartphone or computer

  • Providers who integrate Catholic spirituality into your care as needed

  • Labs and tests ordered and scheduled locally

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  • Visits are convenient, private, and secure

  • Avoid the high costs and inconvenience of urgent care centers and emergency rooms. We accept most insurance plans and healthshares.

About MyCatholicDoctor

MyCatholicDoctor is a new telehealth/virtual care organization that brings a team of faithful medical professionals to patients through video-based health consultation on almost any smartphone, computer or tablet. We practice evidence-based scientific medicine and also integrate Catholic spirituality into our healthcare as appropriate to the situation and our abilities.

We are continually recruiting physicians and other healthcare professionals that desire to integrate the Catholic faith into their practice.

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By God’s grace, MyCatholicDoctor continues to provide pro-life Catholic healthcare to all of God’s people. We are grateful to the donors that have allowed us to continue our mission. Please prayerfully consider a donation to the MyCatholicDoctor foundation.