The Wonder of Eve is a fresh and engaging presentation, helping young women understand how naturally amazing their bodies are and the impact their choices can have on their future health and fertility.

“Why didn’t I know this years ago?”

We often hear this from our Natural Family Planning clients. Even as a young woman, they wish they had known this about their bodies!

The Wonder of Eve covers:

  • the marvelous design and function of the female body
    and reproductive system/menstrual cycles
  • a brief introduction to tracking cycles—a unique approach
    to women’s healthcare, no matter the stage in life
  • ways to take good care of yourself now, to benefit you
    in the future.

Wonder of Eve- September 8th, 2021, 6pm-9pm

September 8th, 2021, 6pm-9pm

St Pius V Church
Café Lepanto Room (basement)
240 Eaton St.
Providence, RI 02908
(note: use entrance on Roslyn Ave.)


1st Talk, “General Information Session” by Dr. Kerry Pound

Break Time

2nd Talk, “Introduction to Charting your Cycle”

1st Discussion Outline - "General Information Session

  • Discover the Beauty of Femininity
  • Explore the gift of charting your cycle
  • Hear testimonials
  • Q&A

2nd Discussion Outline - Introduction to Charting your Cycle

  • Learn aspects of the Creighton Model and NaProTechnology
  • Receive an overview of basic physiology
  • Acquire knowledge of tracking signs and symptoms of key hormones present in a woman’s cycle
  • Understand how hormonal signs help women protect their health throughout their life
  • Equip participants with all they need to begin charting their health

Four individual follow-up sessions with Monica Bergeron, CFCP - Scheduled by you

Telehealth: All general and individual sessions are virtual using Zoom for telehealth

  • Tailored to the unique cycle of each woman
  • Scheduled two weeks apart over a period of two months
  • Flexible online scheduling through My Catholic Doctor
  • HIPPA protected ensuring confidentiality

Monica Bergeron, CFCP

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