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Dr. Burton is not accepting new patients.

As of August 2023.
No changes as of April 2024.

About Dr. Burton

After 15 plus years in conventional family medicine & urgent care, Dr. Burton has found her God-given passion and deepest joy practicing integrative and functional medicine. She is committed to providing evidence-based, personalized, relationship-centered health care for the whole person including body, heart, mind, and spirit. She emphasizes lifestyle and nutrition and then nutraceuticals/ botanicals, and when these options are insufficient, pharmaceuticals. She loves to interweave the naturopathic and conventional approach together based on the specific needs of each patient. She had been providing such care via a membership-based model at well-known, cutting edge, secular telemedicine companies and now has shifted gears longing for these services to be more affordable and to freely integrate her faith with medicine.

Her clinical expertise includes: hormones (reproductive/ adrenal/ thyroid), women’s health including BHRT, functional gut disorders, cardiometabolic health (such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension), weight loss management, mental health, autoimmune, chronic fatigue/ fibromyalgia including post covid long haul syndrome/ adverse effects of covid vaccine, advanced genetic testing, and longevity/ optimization (to support one’s desire to be a good steward of the body, “the temple of the Holy Spirit.”( 1 Cor 6:19).

Dr. Burton is board-certified in Family Medicine and has completed training and certification via the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM-CP) and has participated in courses via American Academy of Anti-Aging (A4M). She acquired a Master of Arts in Christian Spiritual Formation from Wheaton College, IL where she studied and practiced the spiritual disciplines of the Saints and monastic traditions as well as learned various healing prayer, counseling, and spiritual direction modalities. She completed a mentorship via Functional Medicine Clinic Immersion by naturopathic physician Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, and recently graduated from the fellowship of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (FAIHM) and will be board eligible in integrative medicine in 2023. She graduated from Baylor College of Medicine and Dartmouth College, cum laude.

On a personal level, Dr. Burton is a blessed mother of two precious adopted children from Colombia, South America. She is a former New England suburbanite who transitioned to become a homesteader with her family in Arkansas and enjoys a menagerie of farm animals. She became a devout follower of Christ, and subsequently Catholic, after a 3-month trip to Calcutta, India as a confused, disillusioned college student searching for deeper life meaning beyond the American Dream. She was captivated by the radiant countenance of Saint/ Mother Teresa who was passionately in love with Christ and made Him real to her. She dove into the Bible searching for Saint Teresa’s God and was awakened to a new life and journey in Christ. She found significant meaning in service caring for leprosy patients and felt a call to become a physician/ medical missionary. She has worked and volunteered in clinics both internationally and within the USA caring for the homeless, immigrants/refugees, and the urban and rural underserved as well as at a suburban faith-based family practice.

During the last five years she struggled with discouragement, realizing that our medical system is broken and de-humanizing which wrongly emphasizes a quick fix, “pill for every ill” focus. She was thrilled to come across functional medicine to provide the quality and in-depth care that she always has longed to give and restored her love for medicine. She enjoys to embrace personally and to incorporate into her medical visits prayer and discussions of the spiritual disciplines (based on patients’ interests).

Dr. Burtons favorite quotes that she practices medicine and her life by are: “The life of the body is the soul, the life of the soul is the spirit, and the life of the spirit is communion with Christ.” (St Gregory of Nyssa) “The part can never be well, unless the whole is well.” (Plato)

Licensed States

Kansas, Texas, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Arkansas, Connecticut, DC, New York, South Carolina, Illinois, Florida, Oklahoma, Ohio, New Hampshire, Wisconsin

**Alaska: patient care pending as of 10/06/2023

In-Network Carriers

Tricare Select, Cigna, ProviDrs Care, United Healthcare
Aetna: Effective 07/28/2023
BlueCross BlueShield Networks Include: Century Preferred PPO Network, BlueCare HMO Network, BlueCare Prime Network, Blue Connection, Pathway small group PPO Network, Pathway small group HMO Network, Pathway individual(PPO, HMO), Medicare Advantage (PPO, PPO Access Select, HMO HMO Select)
Aetna Networks Include: Aetna Whole Health – Value Care Alliance and Trinity health of New England(Choice POS II, Open Access Aetna Select, Open Access Managed Choice, Open Access Elect Choice), Affordable Health Choices Limited Benefits Insurance Plan, Select, HMO, Managed Choice POS, Open Choice PPO, QPOS, Choice POS II, Health Network Only, Health Network Option, Elect Choice EPO, Managed Choice POS, Choice POS(Aetna HealthFund), Aetna Health Fund Plans, Health Network Only, Health Network Options, Open Access Elect Choice EPO, Open Access Managed Choice POS, Open Access Aetna Select, Open Choice PPO, Premier Care Network Plus (APCN Plus) – Open Access Aetna Select, Connecticut Elect Choice Open Access (OAEPO), Aetna with Innovation Health Aetna Select, Aetna With Innovation Health POS, Aetna with Innovations Health PPO, National Advantage Program

Dr. Burton does not accept Medicaid 

Accepts those who are insured with:
Christian Brothers Ministry Services Plan
Diocese of Saint Petersburg, Florida
Christendom College

Self-Pay Patients

Important Note: Please be aware that Dr. Burton does charge additional fees for services performed outside of your face-to-face consultation. Functional medicine requires more in depth analysis with extensive time demands in order to review charts and complex/ lengthy labs & studies, to write out and provide at every visit detailed plans of care, and to order supplements/ botanicals/ labs/ functional medicine tests. She is only able to see 3-4 patients per day. Dr. Burton does bill $30 for every extra 15 minutes which caps at an additional 45-60 minutes for initial patients and 30-45 minutes for established patients. Please see the Tier 5 self-pay rate information on the payments page for more detail.

Services Offered

  • Menopause/ Bioidentical Hormone Replacement and/or Nutrition/ Botanicals for Hormone Support
  • PMS/ PMDD/ PCOS/ Endometriosis/ Menstrual Cycle Disorders with emphasis on nutrition/ botanicals/alternative modalities/ hormone support
  • Cardio-Metabolic Disorders with use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGMs) & Advanced Lipid testing & Nutrition/ Lifestyle Focus
  • Weight Management via CGMs/ deep dive root causes/ peptides/ safe pharmaceuticals
  • Adrenal & Thyroid Disorders/ Optimization via nutraceuticals/ adaptogens/ lifestyle/ thyroid hormone replacement (either natural or synthetic based on patient’s preference)
  • Mental Health via functional neurotransmitter testing, nutrition, soul care, botanicals
  • Longevity & Optimization via advanced genetic and lipid /cardiac / mineral/ vitamin/ heavy metal testing (based on preference)


Dr. Wendy sees adolescents and adults providing in-depth, root-based functional medicine. She has an expertise in women's health, hormones/ bioidenticals, functional gut, cardio-metabolic, longevity optimization, and mental health. Her deepest hope is for each patient to be seen, heard, and highly valued at every visit. Not accepting new patients.
*Languages: English, Spanish (Proficient; for Urgent Care only)