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Mairead is a certified athletic trainer and a certified FEMM instructor. Her education in sports medicine combined with her work in women’s health provides her with a unique toolkit to help guide active teens and women of all ages. She is passionate about teaching women how to use fertility awareness and support their hormones by applying their unique cycle data to their lifestyle.

As a competitive Irish dancer for 15 years, Mairead understands the desire for women to stay active and healthy after “retiring” from a sport. She loves to support women with the tools they need to understand their body and sync their lifestyle, healthy habits, and exercise routine with the phases of their cycle. Her workshops include the FEMM protocol and classes on cycle syncing, especially as it pertains to exercise.

Mairead sees fertility awareness as a necessity for all women and advocates for theology of the body & body literacy presentations in both high schools and colleges. The cycle is a vital sign of female health and all girls should be equipped with the know-how to understand their bodies, interpret their cycles, and love their God-given design. Mairead is happy to offer talks and presentations on body literacy, theology of the body, and the FEMM protocol to groups of women, young and old. More opportunities can be found via her website

Licensed States

Certified in all 50 states.

Services Offered

  • FEMM Fertility Awareness Method
  • Charting for Health
  • Charting for Family Planning
  • Charting for Exercise & Cycle Syncing
  • Body Literacy/Theology of the Body Presentation


Mairead sees women of all ages and reproductive stages: adolescent, regularly cycling, post-partum, or pre-menopausal. She particularly loves teaching FEMM and fertility awareness to teens and young women who are charting for health. She also teaches FEMM for natural family planning and is happy to take on couples who are seeking NFP for marriage preparation
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