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Natural Procreative Technology

NaProTechnology is a specific way to treat the reproductive disorders in women’s health and includes a specific approach to diagnose and treat these conditions. Treatment can include surgical, medical, nutritional, supplemental, medication, and lifestyle changes.

NaProTechnology is pro-woman, life affirming women’s healthcare. This type of care works directly with the woman’s fertility. Providers trained in NaProTechnology work to identify the root causes of infertility. They work to understand what hormones you may be deficient in, lifestyle factors you can change, exploratory surgeries, blood work, etc.

Physicians who practice NaProTechnology have been trained and certified by the Saint Paul VI Institute in Omaha, Nebraska. These providers use the Creighton Model Fertility Method to understand and diagnose the woman’s fertility cycle. However, you do not have to be charting using the Creighton Method to receive NaProTechnology care. 

What does NaProTechnology provide?

Physicians and medical consultants trained in NaProTechnology utilize technology, blood tests, hormone panels, exploratory surgeries, and strong diagnostic tests to identify and treat underlying reproductive disorders and hormonal imbalances. NaProTechnology works with the women’s body by understanding what is not working to treat the underlying issues. Many approaches such as IUI and IVF bypass the problem completely, using technology and medicine to make a baby – not treating the underlying diagnosis and disregarding the health of the woman.

Diagnoses that can be helped with NaProTechnology include:

◻️  Irregular, Painful Cycles

◻️  PMS Symptoms

◻️  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

◻️  Hormonal Abnormalities 

◻️  Infertility

◻️  Miscarriage/Repetitive Miscarriage

Other Factors to Consider

Dietary insufficiencies, persistent fatigue, chronic anxiety, sleep deprivation, and poor stress management techniques can all be contributing factors to a couple’s infertility diagnosis.

Lifestyle choices emphasizing a whole foods, plant-based diet, daily movement, exercise, and prayer can all have a greater impact on reproductive and overall health. Speak with your provider about these components to see where you can begin to improve your lifestyle for optimal health status.

Dr. Mary Davenport, OB/GYN and integrative medicine physician with MyCatholicDoctor, recently discussed how our blood sugar and insulin levels play an integral part when trying to conceive. You can view the entire webinar here.

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Infertility is a sign of an underlying disease and not a diagnosis in itself.  With restorative reproductive approaches such as NaProTechnology, underlying diseases are targeted and then corrected to restore optimal health.  Healthy parents are more likely to conceive and have healthy pregnancies and children.

My patient Sara, age 38, came to my family practice to get established as she and her family were new to the area.  What was remarkable was that she hardly ever had menstrual periods.  Even more remarkable was that only one doctor had ever investigated as to why.

Can NaProTechnology help with male factor infertility?

Yes! If the primary diagnosis is a male factor, couples can have successful pregnancies. Men with very low sperm counts or anti-sperm antibodies can be treated. Often, improvements in semen quality can be made by healthy lifestyle changes.

Even if the sperm function is not ideal, evaluating and maximizing the woman’s fertility cycle, together with ideal timing of intercourse, will often result in pregnancy. 

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