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At MyCatholicDoctor we recognize parents as the primary teachers of their children, especially regarding issues of sexuality. Parents– not doctors, teachers, politicians, or anyone else– make decisions about how and when to teach their children about sexuality, puberty, marriage, and intimate relationships.

But teaching kids about sex can be hard. We are here to help you. From first periods to pornography to the physiology of hormones, we have options that will help you authentically teach your children about human sexuality with the beauty and truth of Catholicism. Choose from self-guided online video courses, books, one-on-one teachers, and more.

Below, please find our list of recommended resources for Catholic puberty education, Catholic Sex Ed, and more.

In addition to the below resources, MyCatholicDoctor also offers private video sessions with fertility educators and physicians, and we can bill your insurance for these visits. Many people start with online videos and/or books and then schedule private consultations with our clinicians to ask questions and help young women learn to chart their cycles using a specific fertility awareness method.

What teenagers and adults need to know to understand about traditional Catholic Church teaching on contraception.

Puberty and Sexual Education resources consistent with Catholic teaching

  • Wonderfully Made Babies: a first book about marriage and human sexuality for children ages 8+, based on Theology of the Body, illustrated with watercolor 
  • Cycle Prep: The Cycle Prep course is a self-paced, online program designed to introduce girls to menstrual cycles and periods in a positive, adult supported environment
  • Cherry Blossom Buds: Cherry Blossom Buds is a fertility education ministry for mothers and daughters that is based upon the vision of fertility and chastity education in The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality, a document by the Pontifical Council for the Family.  
  • Natural Womanhood Mothers of (Pre)Teens:  A step-by-step online video course that introduces girls 8-13 to the complete story about puberty, cycles and fertility, charting and health management. It guides moms on how to open the communication in this area.
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  • TeenFEMM: teenFEMM is a knowledge-based health program for young women that teaches them to understand and monitor hormonal and other indicators of their health.
  • The Wonder of Eve- coming soon to MyCatholicDoctor
  • TeenStar– coming soon to MyCatholicDoctor

Catholic Guidelines for Sex Education

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