MyCatholicDoctor is delighted to announce our partnership with Cycle Prep!

Cycle prep is a program for girls to prepare for their first menstrual period. The Cycle Prep course is a self-paced, online program designed to introduce girls to menstrual cycles and periods in a positive, adult supported environment through age-appropriate science, hands-on learning, and honest conversations about what to expect (or not expect!) as they begin their cycles. Cycle Prep encourages girls to respect their bodies and embrace the natural changes which come with menstrual cycles.

The process of keeping track of changes throughout our menstrual cycle is called “charting.” This is a powerful tool which can give you a lot of self-knowledge– not just about periods, but about many aspects of life which are affected by cyclical hormones including our moods, our energy levels, and even our relationships!

If your daughter is a patient with any MCD clinician, our doctors can provide you with a unique code which will allow you to get 30% off the entire Cycle Prep Education series.

We are very grateful to be partnered with Cycle Prep as a Care Champion. Cycle Prep programs are affordable, self-paced and designed for parents + daughters to learn together. Teach your daughter to “decode” the language of her body today!

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In addition to learning about your first menstrual cycle, our team of pediatricians, family physicians, nurse practitioners, and dieticians treat children’s health needs, injuries, and illnesses. Our providers seek to build a personal relationship with each of their patients and their families. Many of our providers are mothers and fathers themselves, and know the importance of and caring for their children physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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