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Founder of Catholic Aging Matthew Estrade, MA, MBA - Gerontologist

Matthew’s calling to journey with families impacted with dementia was initiated when his grandfather developed a memory impairment in the late 1990s. All he could do was watch his mother try to cope as her father’s caregiver and advocate while she raised a family and worked.

Fast forward to the present, where Matthew works with families to find solutions to their pressing problems – something that his mother could have used, but could not find decades ago.

He has built an educational platform at Catholic Aging with daily videos, weekly blog articles, and monthly live Rosaries. All of these activities are built around his book, The Peace with Dementia Rosary: Education, Intentions, Community.

The Catholic Aging ministry, in all of its forms-website, book, education, and one on one services -is consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Any good fruit is from Her through her Son, Jesus Christ; any faults are of the ministry.

What does the ministry do?

We offer hope for families impacted by dementia through practical caregiving strategies and through the doctrine & tradition of our beautiful Catholic Faith.

We are pro-life, pro-family, and pro-eternal life.

How do we offer hope?

One-on-one virtual appointments with caregivers for guidance
The Peace with Dementia Rosary: Education, Intentions, Community
Speaking at conferences and Catholic parishes
Our community, including the Dementia Prayer wall for your intentions
Daily FB videos, weekly e-newsletters, monthly interview videos/podcasts

Aging and caring for an aging loved one is a challenge. Let MyCatholicDoctor and Catholic Aging journey with you...

Book a telehealth appointment with Matthew here at MCD

When you have a visit, you can step back and discuss with Matthew where you’ve been and partner on the next steps and goals that are important to you and your family. It’s like you’re at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee with him.

Join an Online Support group on MCD

You are not alone, but it may feel like no one else is caregiving for a loved one. Join our monthly support group and be heard by others in a similar meaningful role. Share your current challenge, brainstorm solutions, shed a tear if needed, and certainly smile (guaranteed).

Learn for Free

Visit where you can learn and enjoy videos, articles, and audio about aging, dementia, caregiving, and more, all intertwined with our Catholic Faith. You can also leave a prayer request and enroll in the free Tuesday email newsletter.

Share Matthew with your Parish and Diocese

Matthew is available for Parish missions, talks, conferences, and clergy/ministry training. He is available in person, as well as by Zoom. You will leave the talks with knowledge and hope – and a sense of community as the Parish rallies around you and others. Find out more at

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Our Mission to Serve

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