Freedom to Know Your Body and Gift to See its Beauty

Rooted in the human person lies a deep desire for authentic happiness and finding this place of peace begins with a simple understanding of knowing oneself to the core. During these informative talks, Dr. Kerry Pound, CFCMC and Monica Bergeron, CFCP guide participants in discovering how to chart their hormonal cycles and why charting gives one a life-long health advantage. Embued with this understanding of one’s body, women find they can then pursue authentic health, healing, and happiness.


Truth Beauty Joy Event - September 8th, 2021, 6pm-9pm

September 8th, 2021, 6pm-9pm

St Pius V Church
Café Lepanto Room (basement)
240 Eaton St.
Providence, RI 02908
(note: use entrance on Roslyn Ave.)


1st Talk, “General Information Session” by Dr. Kerry Pound

Break Time

2nd Talk, “Introduction to Charting your Cycle”

1st Discussion Outline - "General Information Session

  • Discover the Beauty of Femininity
  • Explore the gift of charting your cycle
  • Hear testimonials
  • Q&A

2nd Discussion Outline - Introduction to Charting your Cycle

  • Learn aspects of the Creighton Model and NaProTechnology
  • Receive an overview of basic physiology
  • Acquire knowledge of tracking signs and symptoms of key hormones present in a woman’s cycle
  • Understand how hormonal signs help women protect their health throughout their life
  • Equip participants with all they need to begin charting their health

Four individual follow-up sessions with Monica Bergeron, CFCP - Scheduled by you

Telehealth: All general and individual sessions are virtual using Zoom for telehealth

  • Tailored to the unique cycle of each woman
  • Scheduled two weeks apart over a period of two months
  • Flexible online scheduling through My Catholic Doctor
  • HIPPA protected ensuring confidentiality

Monica Bergeron, CFCP

Sr. Anne Frances Klein, O.P., R.N.

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Learning to chart my cycle gave me the tools I needed to understand my own reproductive system and to confirm my suspicions that there was an abnormality present, even though doctors and other adults insisted that I had nothing to worry about. Thanks to my education in fertility awareness, I was able to clearly identify the issue and to seek help from MyCatholicDoctor, which seemed to be the only source of medical advice that wasn’t “go on birth control.” Learning to chart changed my life by giving me power over my own body and allowing me to take my reproductive health into my own hands.

My experience with charting cycles has been intriguing and empowering! As a young single woman, charting has given me a greater sense of awareness of my health in different ways: how GI issues I’ve experienced for years intertwine with my cycle, in my relationships how knowing my reaction to life events is drastically different depending on various cycle phases, and to my surprise the strong impact of stress on our cycles. I am a firm believer that women of all ages and stages of life would benefit from charting if they’re willing to put in the work. It’s worth it!

The first few times I heard about the Creighton model, it was always in the context of marriage preparation. However, after being diagnosed with PCOS last year and told time and again that hormonal birth control was my only option, I began to explore charting as a way to regain control over my cycle and my symptoms. The Creighton model has taken away the fear that the unknown brings. I can now assign names and meanings to the symptoms of my cycle’s ups and downs. I notice patterns where before there seemed to be nothing but chaos! The Creighton model has also assigned a sense of normalcy to what seemed before to be hopelessly abnormal. No longer do I have to rely on period tracking apps that rely on the inaccurate idea that every woman’s cycle is exactly 30 days long with ovulation on day 14. Now, I have a window into what is ‘normal’ for my body, and I have the tools to respond accordingly. The Creighton model has also made me far more aware of my total health, as I can see tangible evidence of how things like stress, diet, or other external factors affect the inner workings of my body. This awareness has made me incredibly appreciative of my body’s careful design, and I find myself making healthier choices more intuitively than ever before.

As a newly engaged couple, it was very important to my (now) husband and I to learn an NFP method early before marriage. Working with Monica was so helpful the entire time; she helped us both to understand exactly how the Creighton Model works and how to read the chart for fertility awareness as well as overall health.

My husband and I began learning how to chart my cycle 6 months before we were married. Nine months ago I started having different hormonal symptoms and began seeing a doctor who specializes in NaProTechnology. He diagnosed me with low progesterone and began treating me quickly. It was easy to be diagnosed because I was already charting and the doctor could see exactly what was happening day by day with my cycle. I highly recommend the Creighton Model System.

As soon as my husband and I got engaged we signed up for classes with Monica. It’s been an incredible and eye opening experience. I believe every woman no matter where they are in life should learn how their body works in this way. It’s incredibly freeing! I personally went from being very frustrated with my hormones and cycle to developing a deep appreciation, respect and amazement at how my body works. Honestly it was an emotional experience and a huge relief that I’m not crazy and that I actually don’t have to fight my body every month but instead I have learned to work with it! All of the things we go through are a good and that is highlighted throughout the learning process. Being engaged and going through the classes deepened my now husband and I’s relationship. He learned what to expect, the why’s and to my excitement, how to help me through it. Monica truly goes above and beyond with her classes. She quickly became a trusted friend, role model and light to my husband and I. Monica has been patient and loving through each step of the learning process that we are still on! She gives and shares straight from her heart and is a beautiful example of what following God’s will looks like.

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