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About Vicki

Vicki Braun is a fertility educator/instructor, wife, and mother of three. Her passion for understanding her own fertility cycles began as an engaged woman preparing for marriage. Searching for this information and finding little to none at the time, she first learned of NFP as a newlywed while doing missionary work in Prince George, BC, Canada—a true blessing for her and her husband.

Following this passion over the years she became trained and certified to teach different natural family methods—two sympto-thermal methods (SERENA Canada and the Couple to Couple League) and two mucus methods (Billings Ovulation Method and the Family of the Americas).

With over 40+ years of teaching thousands of women she has seen a broad spectrum of client cycles. She works with couples/women who need to become acquainted with their bodies, recognize their fertility as a sign of health and wellness, and seek medical treatment if their charting suggests an underlying condition.

Vicki offers training in the authentic Billings Ovulation Method as well as a modified version of the Sympto-thermal Method of natural family planning to couples/women who need to track their fertility hormones to define their fertile and infertile mucus patterns, which, like their fingerprints, are unique to each woman. This training allows them to achieve or postpone pregnancy and to understand whether her hormone patterns are healthy or not. She also sees women/couples with special reproductive circumstances that may generate NFP challenges, such as breastfeeding, PCOS, perimenopause, and stress. She helps them to navigate their NFP journey using either of these NFP methods. Helping women that need to monitor their menstrual cycles to understand these special circumstances is one of my most rewarding services as an NFP educator.

Currently she teaches the Billings Ovulation Method, the modified version of the Sympto-thermal Method and Billings Ovulation Method (BOM).

Licensed States

Certified in all 50 states for Natural Family Planning Instruction

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Accepts Reta Trust Insurance Plan for NFP

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Accepts those who are insured with:
Christian Brothers Ministry Services Plan
Diocese of Saint Petersburg, Florida
Christendom College

Services Offered

  • Adult and teen fertility education
  • Adult education in avoiding/achieving pregnancy
  • Understanding female hormones and how they affect the fertility cycle
  • Teach/support women in their journey to balance their hormones


Vicki Braun sees patients who are interested or in need of fertility education, achieving or avoiding pregnancy, as well as understanding women's and teenagers' fertility. She is available for virtual education.
*Languages: English