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I am a scientific-minded perfectionist. I graduated Cum Laude with a Chemistry Education degree from Huntington University in May of 2014 and entered the Sacrament of Matrimony in June of 2014. During our first year of marriage, I taught high school chemistry and biology while doing Youth Ministry. Two years later, my FertilityCare Practitioner identified symptoms of low progesterone by looking at my chart. She sent me to a NaPro doctor, who prescribed progesterone. After two years of successfully avoiding pregnancy, including being fertile on our honeymoon, we were ready to achieve pregnancy! With progesterone support, we achieved and maintained pregnancy. Our beautiful daughter was born on February 6, 2017. I wanted to focus my time and energy at home, but I also desired to help other women like my Practitioner helped me. My love of science, teaching and learning came together as a FertilityCare Practitioner. I love helping my clients navigate their fertility journeys!

When I’m not caring for my children, doing Youth Ministry or teaching Creighton, I enjoy reading, spending time outdoors and baking. My husband, Austin, and I met working at Wendy’s together. I was on a dating hiatus for my first semester of college. When he asked me out the week before the semester ended, my friend convinced me to go have fun, “it’s not like you have to marry him.” It wasn’t love at first sight, but the more I got to know him, the more I enjoyed spending time with him. Even things that I never imagined enjoying-like watching a hockey game-were fun because we were doing it together. I discovered we have a lot in common, both our histories and our values. We aren’t perfect, but we are perfect for each other! We love going on walks, adventuring in tropical climates and playing games. Most weekends you can find us spending time with our families. Although we are frugal, we prioritize vacationing and creating a home we can enjoy with our family for years to come.

One of the unexpected joys in FertilityCare is discovering the unique charisma of each couple. I consider it a great privilege to journey with couples as they grow in their relationship with each other and their understanding of their fertility.

Licensed States

Certified in all 50 states

Services Offered

  • FertilityCare Instruction to avoid or achieve pregnancy, for health monitoring, and for fertility appreciation (cycle tracking and affirming chastity for adolescents).
  • Personalized FertilityCare Instructions for Postpartum (breastfeeding or non-breastfeeding), Discontinuing contraception, Perimenopause, Regular cycles, Irregular cycles, and Infertility.
  • Identifies symptoms of underlying gynecologic health conditions for all clients.
  • Refers to physician for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Provides ongoing support through menopause.


Stephanie Hamilton sees women anytime between their first and last period. Husbands/fiancé’s should attend for natural family planning purposes, if possible. Mothers or another support person are welcome to come for health monitoring. In-person and online meetings offered.
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