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Ross Angeli offers online FertilityCare™ services in Spanish & English to clients all over the United States. She helps women understand and monitor their gynecologic health and assists couples who are trying to achieve or avoid pregnancy using the Creighton Model.

In 2017, Ross Angeli completed her degree as Doctor of Medicine, along with a Master’s in Business Administration. Shortly after, she became actively involved in the Pro-Life movement in New York City and was introduced to Natural Family Planning for the first time. This new awareness, and the profound truths presented in Pope Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae, inspired her to make a meaningful change in her professional career. She is now dedicated to educate and encourage women’s appreciation for their bodies in order to help them make informed choices about their fertility and sexuality.

Ross Angeli is currently enrolled in the Gianna FertilityCare™ Education Program, and is in the process of certifying as a Creighton Practitioner. She and her husband recently founded Fertilidad Natural Planificada, as an effort to make these services accessible to Hispanic women around the world. Their website provides educational content in Spanish and English about fertility awareness and the Creighton Model.

For more information about the menstrual cycle and NFP in Spanish click here.

Ross Angeli, originally from Puerto Rico, married in 2020 and moved to Pennsylvania where she lives with her husband and step daughter.

Licensed States

Certified in all 50 states

Services Offered

  • Natural Family Planning for couples.
  • Creighton Model FertilityCare™ Services for all women.
  • Services available in Spanish and English.


Ross works with women who wish to learn how to chart their Menstrual Cycle using the Creighton Model, and provides Natural Family Planning instruction for couples seeking to avoid or achieve pregnancy, or who may be struggling with infertility. Trabajamos con mujeres que desean graficar su ciclo menstrual usando el modelo Creighton, y con parejas interesadas en aprender Planificación Familiar Natural para evitar o lograr embarazos, y/o que estén pasando por infertilidad.
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