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Dr. Langley served for 12 years in the Air Force as a flight surgeon, but then settled down for greater stability for her family and to provide care for those outside the military as well. She’s a mother five of her very favorite people, and married the best man she’s ever met, and the only thing that could pull her away from home every morning is her love of medicine. She chose family medicine as a specialty when she couldn’t bear to cut an age group or demographic from her practice – she loves seeing all ages of people every day, and providing care for every ailment under the sun. She loves to record the most common education she provides for patients and post them on YouTube at

After attending the University of Colorado at Boulder and a short stint as a middle school science teacher, she couldn’t resist medical school any longer, and attended an osteopathic medical school in Kansas City, KCUMB. The Air Force brought her to Las Vegas for residency, then to Oklahoma to fly with student pilots, and finally to Germany for a dream assignment in Europe. She learned about Direct Primary Care and joined a practice in Colorado Springs in 2019, then branched off in 2023 to form her own independent practice at Homestead Direct Primary Care ( Dr. Langley enjoys gardening, bonsai, beekeeping, reading, and travel. She is certified as a Lactation Consultant and a Medical Consultant in NaProTechnology.

Licensed States

Services Offered

  • Urgent care type assistance via telehealth for colds, UTIs, allergies, stomach bugs, rashes, and constipation
  • Family medicine care in approaching more complex issues like acne, depression, anxiety, asthma, hemorrhoids, eczema, pelvic floor dysfunction, weight loss, acid reflux, etc
  • Assistance in interpreting NFP charts, guidance for lab draws to check for proper hormone function for fertility, medications to assist with achieving pregnancy, and breastfeeding education before and after delivery
  • If you happen to live in the Colorado Springs area, she can be your family’s doctor in an expansive Direct Primary Care setting; for more information, see


Dr. Langley can see all ages, babies to kids to young adults to adults, for a myriad of medical issues.
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