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About Me

Kristen grew up in Oregon with four brothers and had a rough-and-tumble childhood full of beach trips and sporting events. Kristen’s family worked hard, played hard, and taught her the importance of God as ones foundation. Kristen was a gymnast and volleyball player, activities that taught her the importance of determination and the power of practice to make progress and achieve goals.

Kristen was a long-time elementary and middle school sports coach and counselor. Kristen earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and community health from Portland State University, where she fell in love with behavioral psychology, learning how person, behavior, and environment create who one becomes. She went on to become a certified health and wellness coach through the WellCoach program and attained past certifications in diet and exercise from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Heart Association, the American Council on Exercise, and MB-EAT certification. Kristen’s education has grown as she’s studied how to fortify the body naturally focusing on boosting the force field of natural immunity.

Kristen is a married mother of four adult children and an avid reader and researcher about body science and the brain. She is thankful for all the heroic scientists and doctors of truth.

Services Offered

  • Behavioral Health and Wellness Consultation
  • Weight Management

Licensed States

Certified in all 50 states plus District of Columbia

Patient Testimonials

I love working with Kristen as my health and wellness coach. She helps me to plan out weekly goals to improve my health and to lose weight, and then helps me to achieve them. It is great to have someone to guide me in my own decisions to make small, do-able changes in my life, rather than being told by someone to change in a certain way that might not be what I want to do or might be unobtainable. I like the step-by-step program that she provides and I like that it involves weekly meetings to ensure that progress is being made. -Patricia


Kristen sees adults and adolescents for health and wellness consultation and weight management.