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About Dr. Stecklein

Jillian Stecklein grew up in the Western suburbs of Chicago. She enjoyed an active lifestyle, being involved in many sports and extracurricular activities, and a wonderful family upbringing. She knew she was meant to be a Physical Therapist since high school. After visiting a healthcare career fair and seeing how physical therapy was an amazing blend of preventative medicine, leadership, exercise, and nutrition, she has worked toward that goal ever since. It also allowed for great balance between family and career as she always hoped to be a mom!

She continued on her education earning a Bachelors of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. During this time, she thrived as the President of the Fighting Illini Triathlon Team, participated in activities at her Church, and enjoyed being a part of her sorority. She completed her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2014.

She met her husband, Kelton, at a Catholic adventure camp (Camp Wojtyla) in the Rockies the summer before PT school. Since Kelton has now completed PT school in Denver, the family is happy to be home in the town of Hays, KS near family with their son, Kolbe. She finds great joy in serving the community with her skills and experience!

Licensed States

Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Pennsylvania

In-Network Carriers

Aetna,  Aetna Better Health of Kansas, BCBS of Kansas, Cigna, Tricare Select, Medicaid, and United Healthcare, Medicare , ProviDrs Care

UnitedHealthcare Networks Include: NexusACO(Rp, RB, R), Choice(HMO, +HMO, EPO, Plus POS), Select (HMO, Select +, EPO, Plus POS), Core (HMO, EPO, Choice Plus POS), NexusACO(NRP, NRB, NR, OAP, OA), Charter(HMO, EPO, POS), Navigate(Plus), PPO, Doctors Plan(Plus HMO, EPO, Plus POS), Veterans Affairs Community Care Network, and Medicaid plans.
BlueCross BlueShield – Does not Include Medicare Advantage Plans for BCBS of Kansas

Accepts those who are insured with:
Christian Brothers Ministry Services Plan
Diocese of Saint Petersburg, Florida
Christendom College

Services Offered

  • General orthopedic conditions: Hip, knee, foot/ankle, low back, upper back, neck, shoulder, elbow, hand/wrist pain or dysfunction
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction: Pelvic pain/tightness, Prolapse, Diastasis Recti separation, Urinary Incontinence, Pre/Postpartum care
  • Chronic pain: Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, pain due to anxiety, depression, PTSD
  • Headaches, TMJ dysfunction
  • Vestibular dysfunction: vertigo symptoms, BPPV
  • Sports injuries and performance
  • Older Adult falls prevention and balance/in-home strengthening programs
  • Inactive lifestyle habits, goal-oriented movement training, endurance building following major illness

Patient Testimonials

I’m amazed at how much progress I’ve been able to make through telehealth PT! Just a couple of months ago my postpartum symptoms seemed hopeless, but thanks to regular PT, I feel like a different person. I’m so grateful I’ve had access to a faithful Catholic approach to healing the whole person, body, and soul. Anonymous

Dr. Jill Stecklein has been a blessing for me. I had been dealing with upper and lower jaw pain on my right side for over two months. I went to two dentists and a root canal specialist with numerous X-rays and testing performed, but to no avail, a diagnosis was not delivered. One of the dentists suggested TMJ and referred me to a specialist 3 hours away. My daughter who is a physical therapist, but lives 4 hours away, recommended that I get in touch with a fellow physical therapist, Dr. Stecklein. At the very first appointment, Dr. Stecklein did a thorough analysis of my hip joints all the way up my spine to my neck and jaw. She diagnosed that the source of the pain in my jaw was coming from my sternocleidomastoid (SCM). This muscle is located at the base of your skull to either side of your neck behind the ears. I sit at a desk on a computer all day long causing tension in this muscle. I also clench my teeth when doing certain tasks around the home. After two sessions with Jill, my pain was gone. Her treatment regimen included hands-on massages in the troubled area, adjusting my spine and neck, stretching the muscles, and needling, all of which offered great relief. She has provided exercises to maintain the improvement we have made. Dr. Stecklein is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend her if you have muscle pain or joint pain. – D. Hoffman

I have experienced pregnancy and c-section delivery three times! The first time I had basic prenatal care and was cleared at my 6 week follow-up with my OBGYN. I remember trying to be active afterwards and still having so many daily activities that caused me pain or that I couldn’t do. During my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies I learned about how Physical Therapy can be a huge benefit while pregnant and after delivery. I began seeing Jill and she helped me so much to limit pain and discomfort while I was pregnant and postpartum. After my deliveries she was so patient and knowledgeable. She listened to my concerns and gave me at home exercises I could manage while taking care of my family. I have seen the benefit not only in the activities I enjoy doing but also daily chores around my home. I now share with all my mom friends how important it is to have a PT follow-up because it really improved my daily life! -J.P.

I have been an avid runner and fitness fanatic for over twenty years. I had my third baby and third C-section in 2016. While training for a half marathon in 2018, I started to have a difficult time with my IT band (or so I thought). I knew that my core wasn’t the same since I had my third baby, but I didn’t know what to do about it. After talking to a good friend that had done pelvic floor therapy, she finally talked me into scheduling a consultation with Jill. After my first meeting with Jill, I was impressed at what she taught me about my body. It turned out that I had severe diastasis recti. My abdominal separation was four fingers wide! My running issues and pain wasn’t my IT band, but my core was so weak and my hips were so far out of alignment that the compensation was causing all of my pain. Jill first focused on my deep core and pelvic floor muscles to correct my diastasis recti. Then, we strengthened my glutes so that I would fire equally on both sides when I ran. As I got stronger, Jill taught me how to self- correct my hips at home before my runs to ensure they were aligned before I started. Jill helped me get healthy and strong so that I could continue running and doing what I love without pain. I am 38 years old and after three c-sections, my body is the strongest that it has ever been. I am forever grateful that I scheduled that consultation with Jill. She helped me heal my body and put my abs back together! Most of all, she cares about her patients and their families and I love that she can relate to the mom athlete! Jill is my go-to person to keep me in tip top shape and I am thankful to say that she is my PT!S.D.


Dr. Stecklein sees people of all ages. She treats patients with a variety of conditions with a holistic approach including: orthopedic conditions, athletic injuries, pelvic floor dysfunction, chronic pain, vestibular dysfunction, anxiety/insomnia/PTSD, and pediatric developmental issues.
*Languages: English