Common symptoms to see a Podiatrist for:

Our podiatrist is able to consult on many matters of the foot. If you notice pain or discomfort in your feet, ankles, or lower legs, receiving care from a podiatrist can make all the difference. 

Podiatrists can:

  ◻️ Diagnosis foot problems such as skin and nail diseases, congenital deformities, and ulcers

  ◻️ Discuss with patients preventive foot care techniques

There are many different types of techniques and therapies to help patients improve through telehealth care.

Our services via telehealth:

        ◻️ Evaluate and treat the pain you are experiencing, and offer pain management techniques

        ◻️ Evaluate gait analysis

        ◻️ Foot/heel/toe pain

        ◻️ Bunions

        ◻️ Plantar fasciitis 

        ◻️ Preventative care

        ◻️ Nail fungus

        ◻️ Skin fungus

        ◻️ Check for warts and ulcers

What your visit will look like:

These telehealth appointments take place in a confidential one-on-one zoom meeting.

Treatment, therapeutic interventions and exercises are varied, depending on the level of impairment, age, and unique needs. Our podiatrist works independently with each patient, to identify their specific diagnosis and cater to their individual needs.

A Call to Serve Others

Just as Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, so does our podiatrist wash the feet of her patients. During her clinical days, Dr. Ramos-Carthew found great joy in sitting and chatting with her patients, getting to know their ailments, and washing their feet of discomfort. Just as Jesus led by example, she emulates Christ in her actions by taking the time to wash the feet of her patients, caring for each of them in body, mind, and soul.

With our online podiatry services, you can be seen in the comfort of your home; before work, after dinner, or on weekends. Our convenient platform makes it easy and possible to schedule appointments, allowing you to receive the services you deserve.

Would you like a second opinion?

Our podiatrist would be happy to consult with you. By enlisting the care of a specialized podiatrist, Dr. Ramos-Carthew can provide you with feedback on your current diagnosis and treatment plan, while offering healing from a Catholic perspective.

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Our Mission to Serve

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