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Sinus Infection

Sinus infections can be easily treated through telehealth. Antibiotics may be needed, as well as other prescription medications. Sinus infections can be a complication of common viral infections including COVID-19.

Sinus infections, also known as acute sinusitis, happen when fluid builds up in the air-pockets of the face (sinuses). This fluid buildup allows viruses and bacteria to grow. In some cases, fungus can be a part of sinus infections.

Some symptoms of a sinus infection include:

  • Thick, yellow or greenish mucus from the nose (runny nose) or down the back of the throat (postnasal drainage)
  • Blocked or stuffy nose (congestion)
  • Pain, tenderness, or swelling and pressure around your eyes, cheeks, or nose
When Should You See a Doctor

Contact a doctor if you have:

  • Severe symptoms, such as severe headache or facial pain
  • Symptoms that worsen after seeming to improve
  • A persistent fever
  • Symptoms lasting more than 10 days without getting better

You should also seek medical care if you have had multiple sinus infections in the past year.

What are the Differences in Symptoms Between a Sinus Infection and Covid?

Symptoms of covid include more of a dry cough, loss of taste and smell, and more respiratory symptoms. Sinusitis causes more of a discomfort in the face, congestion, nasal drip, and facial pressure.


Sinus infection can be a secondary complication of COVID. The COVID virus can infect the sinuses, causing sinus congestion and infection.

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Do I Need Antibiotics to Treat a Sinus Infection?

Our doctors will determine if you have a sinus infection by asking you questions about your symptoms. You can also ask your doctor about over-the-counter medications that can help you feel better. 

Below are some at-home ways to relieve sinus pressure and pain:

  • Nasal sinus irrigation can be affective, but speak with a physician before you start this therapy, as there are risks involved.
  • Put a warm compress over the nose and forehead to help relieve sinus pressure.
  • Use a decongestant or saline nasal spray.
  • Breathe in steam from a bowl of hot water or shower.
Prevention of Sinus Infections

How long am I contageous with a sinus infection?

If you are experiencing a viral sinus infection, you may be contagious for up to two weeks. Please speak with a physician to understand your risk for passing on your infection to others.  

Take these steps to help reduce your chances of getting acute sinusitis in the future:

  • Avoid upper respiratory infections. Try to stay away from people who have colds or other infections. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, especially before meals.
  • Avoid cigarette smoke and polluted air. Tobacco smoke and other pollutants can irritate and inflame your lungs and nasal passages.
  • Use a humidifier. If the air in your home is dry, such as it is if you have forced-air heat, adding moisture to the air may help prevent sinusitis. Be sure the humidifier stays clean and free of mold with regular, thorough cleaning.

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