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We Offer Semen analysis that is Consistent with Catholic Church Teaching

One out of every six couples deal with infertility and up to 50% of those cases are believed to be linked to the male. With this at-home sperm testing kit you can understand if male-factor infertility is a part of your equation.

After seeing one of our doctors they will be able to order you an at home test kit and get results as soon as 1.5days. The laboratory that does our semen analysis is also used by major academic medical centers, providing the highest quality results. But unlike most seman analysis labs, they have worked with MyCatholicDoctor to provide a home collection method that is private and consistent with the Catholic Church’s teaching on sexuality.

Want to know more about male infertility?

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Ready to Get Started?

Talk to your doctor today about taking this semen analysis at home test kit for your fertility health.

1: Talk to Doctor to Order Test Kit

Once completing a visit your doctor will order you a test Kit from the Fellow company.

2: Receive Your Test Kit and Provide Sample

You will receive the kit in the mail. After reading the instructions provide a sample and drop it off at UPS that same day.

3: Get the Results in 1.5 Dyas

Once the test kit is received, it is analyzed and within 1.5 days you and your doctor will go over the test results.

The Best in Class Semen Analysis

Clinically Validated Accuracy.

Fellow’s seman analysis accuracy was published in the peer-reviewed journal Fertility and Sterility. Independent researchers reviewed this paper and validated the methodology presented, this was also published in Fertility and Sterility.

Fellow tests are recommended by doctors at:

Our Mission to Serve

By God’s grace, MyCatholicDoctor continues to provide pro-life Catholic healthcare to all of God’s people. We are grateful to the donors that have allowed us to continue our mission. Please prayerfully consider a donation to the MyCatholicDoctor foundation.