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Fertility awareness-based methods of family planning, also known a natural family planning, enable family planning without hormones or barriers. At MyCatholicDoctor, our team of fertility awareness educators and specialized physicians teach five different methods of family planning. Not sure which method is right for you? Click on the links below to learn more.

Infertility and other women’s health concerns can be treated using Restorative Reproductive Medicine. Restorative Reproductive Medicine identifies the problems and cooperates with your fertility cycles to correct the condition, maintain your human ecology, and sustain your procreative potential. Restorative Reproductive Medicine can be used to treat infertility, abnormal bleeding, abnormal hormone conditions of the menstrual cycle including premenstrual syndrome and recurrent ovarian cysts, and postpartum depression.  Restorative reproductive technology uses both medical and surgical approaches.

There are two methods of Restorative Reproductive Medicine– Natural Procreative Technology, or NaProTechnology, and the FEMM method.  At MyCatholicDoctor, you can conveniently and privately connect online with a physician or advanced practice nurse who is specially trained in either FEMM or NaPro Technology.

Click on a method to learn more about how it works, or click the “Find a Provider” button to choose a certified practitioner, advanced practice nurse, or physician.

Creighton Model FertilityCare System (CrMS):
Creighton Model | Modelo Creighton

FEMM Method:
FEMM (English) | FEMM (Spanish)

Sympto-thermal Method:
SymptoThermal Method | Método Sintotérmico

Billings Ovulation Method:
Billings Ovulation Method | Método Billings

Marquette Method:
Marquette Model | Modelo Marquette

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Our team of certified fertility awareness educators, nurses, and physicians use scientifically validated methods to help with everything from child spacing to infertility.

Men's Health Concerns

Have you often wondered why much of the conversation is centered around women’s infertility, but seldom, if any conversation concerning the male’s health status? 

Female and male infertility can be complex, and issues can stem from structural, hormonal, or a combination of both. To find out more about male infertility and what treatments are available for husbands, click here.

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