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Catholic Functional Medicine Services

Functional medicine is an individualized, science-based care plan that nurtures the relationship between patients and their providers to promote optimal wellness. By collecting comprehensive blood work, advanced hormonal testing, food sensitivity panels, and accessing numerous lifestyle factors, our clinicians are able to build a personalized treatment plan for each patient.

We can help to identify the underlying cause of infertility, hormonal imbalance, thyroid issues, gut health issues, depression, anxiety, fatigue, acne, and more.

The Institute of Functional Medicine provides phenomenal education, resources, and training for those further intrigued. In fact one of our providers completed her IFM certification thorough this organization in 2022 and is now serving as the director of our functional medicine department.

Please meet our team below.

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In order for us to show you which of our licensed providers can help you, we need to know if the patient is an adult and where the patient is located. No other personal information is required unless you choose to see a provider or make an appointment.

Step 1: How old is the patient?

Why Choose MyCatholicDoctor?

  • Direct access to compassionate and faithful healthcare providers using your smartphone or computer

  • Providers who integrate Catholic spirituality into your care as needed

  • Labs and tests ordered and scheduled locally

  • Your prescriptions sent electronically to your local pharmacy

  • Visits are convenient, private, and secure

  • Avoid the high costs and inconvenience of urgent care centers and emergency rooms. We accept most insurance plans and healthshares.

About MyCatholicDoctor

MyCatholicDoctor is a new telehealth/virtual care organization that brings a team of faithful medical professionals to patients through video-based health consultation on almost any smartphone, computer or tablet. We practice evidence-based scientific medicine and also integrate Catholic spirituality into our healthcare as appropriate to the situation and our abilities.

We are continually recruiting physicians and other healthcare professionals that desire to integrate the Catholic faith into their practice.

Our Patrons

Venerable Jerome LeJeune
Venerable Catherine McAuley
Saint Gianna Molla

Our Mission to Serve

By God’s grace, MyCatholicDoctor continues to provide pro-life Catholic healthcare to anyone that needs it, regardless of their ability to pay. We are grateful to the donors that have made this possible. Please prayerfully consider a donation to the MyCatholicDoctor foundation.