Craig Turczynski, Ph.D. Reproductive Physiologist. CHAIR OF DEPT. OF MEN'S FERTILITY HEALTH

Dr. Craig Turczynski is trained as a Reproductive Physiologist. His unique career path has led him to become an expert in fertility awareness methods and restorative reproductive medicine, especially andrology, a branch of science related to men’s fertility. Dr Turczynski is not a physician, but a Ph.D trained clinical scientist and a Billings Ovulation Method® certified instructor. He is especially passionate about working with couples that are experiencing infertility and seeking an alternative to IVF or other assisted reproductive technologies. Dr. Turczynski consults nationally on semen analysis and male infertility evaluation from a Catholic perspective.

     After completing his doctorate and post-doctorate training, Craig directed the in-vitro fertilization, andrology, and hormone assay laboratories at Louisiana State University Medical Center-Shreveport where he also served as Assistant Professor of ObGyn and Embryologist.

     After seeing the harm that assisted reproductive technology frequently caused to patients, Dr. Turczynski left the field of IVF. His observations led him to believe that the aggressive use of this technology was not what was best for patients with infertility. He now passionately believes in the wisdom of Catholic teaching regarding human reproduction. Clearly following natural law is what is best for us, mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

     Armed with this new knowledge and passion Craig sought additional training including the Creighton Model and then became a certified teacher and trainer of the Billings Ovulation Method®. He also pursued a certification in healthcare ethics from the National Catholic Bioethics Center and a fellowship in restorative reproductive medicine from Dr Phil Boyle, founder of NeoFertility in Dublin, Ireland. 

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Additional Information

Licensed States

  • Certified in all 50 states

In-Network Carriers

  • Per the ordering physician

Services Offered

  • Male fertility testing advice and interpretation. When male factor is present, guidance on next steps. 
  • Fertility awareness instruction and coaching in the Billings Ovulation Method®, especially when infertility exists. 
  • Explanation of expectations, results and consequences related to IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies.

Dr. Craig Turczynski is an expert in the field of reproductive physiology, having formerly run an IVF, andrology and assisted reproductive technology lab. He left the IVF field and now helps couples who desire to achieve pregnancy restoratively, while under the guidance of their physician. He offers counseling to men who are concerned about their fertility and provides consultation to the couple’s health care team for how to interpret semen analysis and other fertility test results. When male factor is identified, he will research specific diagnostic and treatment options which can get to the root cause but are sadly not offered because of the aggressive use of IVF. He can also teach and coach the couple on use of the Billings Ovulation Method® or review other charting data to help them identify the optimum time to conceive when the male factor exists. Dr. Turczynski is uniquely qualified to help couples who are considering or struggling to understand assisted reproductive technology. He will provide information that fertility centers never tell their patients.  

*Languages: English

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