Catholic in Recovery

MyCatholicDoctor is filled with gratitude to announce our partnership with Catholic in Recovery.

Catholic in Recovery is a nonprofit organization that seeks to serve those suffering from addictions and unhealthy attachments (including alcoholism, drug addiction, pornography addiction, sex and relationship addiction, compulsive overeating and food addictions, gambling addiction, codependency and the impact on family, and general fear, control, and anxiety).  The organization was started by the passion of Scott Weeman as he found healing and new life through the help of twelve-step recovery and the sacramental love and mercy provided by the Catholic Church. It is the aim of Catholic in Recovery to share the Good News that God can bring about healing and recovery, even in the most hopeless of cases.

On this website, you can find supporting websites, apps to download, prayers and novenas, family and caregiver support groups, and their very own blog, where you can find reflections, testimonies, advice, insight, and more on a Catholic approach to addiction recovery.

Catholic Addiction Medicine positions itself uniquely by providing proper evaluation, treatment, and ongoing support to aid in one’s recovery. Jesus brings good news, as there is hope and healing to be found. Through his forgiveness and abundant grace, He brings joy to our sorrows and desires for us to be healed through his mercy. 

You are never alone on your journey to healing. Having a community and receiving the sacraments are necessary to overcome and heal from the destructive behavior of addictions.

Virtual Support Groups

Interested in joining a support group? Offered online, there are 16 different support meetings each day of the week to join others in community. These virtual support groups focus on a variety of addictions, male and female specific: general recovery, lust addiction, family & friends support, adult children of dysfunctional homes, and eating disorder recovery.

You can join these virtual support groups in the comfort of your home, with no pressure and no judgement. They are an invitation for healing and support.

A Catholic Journey through Recovery

In the first book to directly integrate the Twelve Steps with the practice of Catholicism, Scott Weeman, founder and director of Catholic in Recovery, pairs his personal story with compassionate straight talk to show Catholics how to bridge the commonly felt gap between the Higher Power of twelve-step programs and the merciful God that he rediscovered in the heart of the sacraments.

Make an Appointment with our Addiction Medicine Team

MyCatholicDoctor provides a safe environment for recovery. As many addicts feel shameful of their addictions and want to seek help, they don’t want to tell anyone of their struggles. Telehealth appointments provide the opportunity to begin recovery working one-on-one with a physician right from your home, whether you are struggling with alcoholism, compulsive overeating, or any other addiction mentioned here.

Finding a healthcare provider who shares your values and prioritizes your eternal well being is necessary for your recovery. God desires your soul to be healed, and we do too. Allow us to walk alongside you in that journey.

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Our Mission to Serve

By God’s grace, MyCatholicDoctor continues to provide pro-life Catholic healthcare to all of God’s people. We are grateful to the donors that have allowed us to continue our mission. Please prayerfully consider a donation to the MyCatholicDoctor foundation.