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1501 N. Oakland Ave
Bolivar, MO

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About Me

I am a board certified hematologist oncologist working in non-malignant (typically benign) hematology, at KU in Kansas City, Kansas. I have telehealth and in-person appointments at the KU Westwood Cancer Center. I have a marvelous husband and five beautiful children, we are aspiring to grow in holiness, and love to travel and enjoy time with family, as well I love reading (especially the lives of the Saints). I am currently in the Army Reserves, after having served 14 years active duty. My ambition in life is simply to do the will of God (and be a great and holy saint one day, God willing!).

Services Offered

  • Hematology Consultation
  • Blood coagulation abnormalities, which cause a patient to have abnormal bleeding or develop blood.
  • Abnormal blood cell count, including low or high white blood, red blood cell or platelet count.
  • Many types of anemia, which also have a variety of causes and treatments.
  • Thalassemia and other hemoglobinopathies that lead to production of abnormal red blood cells.
  • Bone marrow and other blood disorders.

Licensed States

Kansas, Missouri


Dr. Harris sees patients with low or high blood counts, blood clots, sickle cell or hemoglobin disorders, and other blood disorders.