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About Me

Monica has been an NFP instructor, working in English and Spanish, for the last 20 years and a fertility consultant since 2019 — with over 15 years of experience in various methods of Natural Family Planning, including Billings Ovulation, Creighton, FEMM, and the one that she is so eager to teach now, the Marquette Model of Natural Family Planning.

Monica holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sciences with a major in Medical Laboratory Technologies. With her background, she understands the science behind testing urine for hormones, providing new approaches to natural family planning methods.

Monica also has a Masters in Microbiology. She works as senior Medical Microbiologist and as an instructor for Medical Microbiology for the University of Lethbridge since 2017. Her experience as an educator empowers me to have a clear and compassionate approach to teach and accompany couples or women on their journey to understand their fertility and use an NFP method.

Her enthusiastic spirit to continue studying, keep up with the new guidelines, and research in laboratory science and NFP helped me to finish a Master of Science from the University of Calgary and to complete certification as a Marquette Method instructor (2019).

Services Offered

  • English and Spanish:
  • Free first consultations regarding NFP questions and/or Marquette Method for postponing and achieving pregnancy
  • Marquette Method of NFP instruction, follow-ups and ongoing consultations
  • Cycle analysis using other methods of NFP, such as ovulation, Creighton or FEMM
  • Special circumstances such as PCOS, breastfeeding, stress, perimenopause for women or couples
  • Fertility awareness for teenagers and young adult women.
  • Working with doctors by teaching their patients how to chart

Licensed States

Certified in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C.


Monica Rincon works with couples/women that need to become acquainted with their body, recognize their fertility as a sign of health and wellness, and seek medical treatment if their charting suggests an underlying condition. She offers training in the Marquette Model to couples/women who need to track hormonal biomarkers in urine to define their fertile window and pinpoint their fertile pattern, which, like their fingerprints, are unique to each woman. This training allow them to achieve or postpone pregnancy. She also sees patients with special reproductive circumstances that may generate NFP challenges, such as breastfeeding, PCOS, perimenopause, and stress. I help them to navigate in their NFP journey using the Marquette Method as their NFP method. Helping women that need to monitor their menstrual cycles to understand these special circumstances are one of my most rewarding services as an NFP educator.