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Lydia is a wife and mama of five, a certified FEMM educator, and a health coach. Lydia loves teaching women and teens how to understand their bodies, track their cycles, and achieve their health and reproductive goals – all while learning to love the beauty of their femininity! She believes that women have a right to know how their bodies work and that fertility awareness is an essential life skill.

In college, Lydia was told that hormonal contraceptives would be her only chance of managing her symptoms of PCOS. She quickly became unsatisfied with the side effects, took herself off the Pill, and explored charting her cycles with fertility awareness to improve her body literacy and overall health – and never looked back.

Lydia brought her appreciation of fertility awareness to her marriage, where an understanding of her cycles helped her to conceive her first baby – even though she was told that PCOS would most likely render her infertile. Throughout their 11-year marriage, Lydia and her husband have been committed to using fertility awareness based methods to plan their family. Although they’re the first to admit that natural family planning isn’t easy, they’ve also seen it bring much grace to their lives.

In 2018, Lydia became a certified fertility awareness educator with FEMMHealth and teenFEMM. She and her family are Georgia natives and reside in the Atlanta metro area, and she teaches students virtually from anywhere in the world.

Licensed States

Certified in all 50 states

Services Offered

  • Fertility awareness course
  • NFP protocols
  • Chart review
  • Teen fertility awareness and body literacy group course
  • Virtual coaching and self-paced classes


Lydia sees women, teens (must have menstruated at least once), and couples.
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