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About Me

I’m Brittany, and I am passionate about healthcare done well. I founded Annunciation Wellness to supplement and support medical care with manageable and effective lifestyle changes.

I am an ACE certified health coach, and I support clients in implementing doctor recommendations and/or personal health goals. In coaching, I can work with you to establish health behavior changes that are sustainable and effective as well as being congruent with your goals and values. This can include changes in nutrition, physical activity, sleep hygiene, stress management, and mindset. I have experience working with men and women managing a variety of chronic conditions, especially persistent pain, as well as experience in working with their other providers as part of a healthcare team. My approach is evidence-based, balanced, and sensitive to the needs of those with eating disorders and/or other mental health struggles. My number one goal is your independence and confidence in your abilities.

Prior to opening Annunciation Wellness, I worked as a physical therapist assistant, a treating clinician in a physical therapy setting. Becoming a health coach grew organically out of that experience and out of my desire to better motivate and support patients on their path to wellness.

Early in life, I trained and worked as a professional modern and ballet dancer, and I continue to teach dance. My husband and I are active members in the Church as a Deacon and Pani (a Slavic title for a deacon’s wife) with our kiddos. I seek to serve the community with the integrity and love of Christ in mind.

Services Offered

  • Health coaching to support clients in making and achieving goals related to nutrition, fitness, sleep hygiene, stress management, and mindset

Licensed States

Certified in all 50 states

Patients I See

Brittany works with anyone looking to make health behavior changes or trying to achieve health-related goals. She has particular training in chronic pain and mental health. Additionally, she often works with people who are looking to establish a more balanced and intuitive relationship with nutrition and fitness.