MyCatholicDoctor is delighted to partner with Catholic Couples NFP.

Catholic Couples NFP teaches Catholic Couples natural family planning (NFP) with the partnership of trained and certified educators of MyCatholicDoctor in the various methods – Billings Ovulation, Sympto-Thermal, Creighton, Couple-to-Couple League, FEMM, and Marquette.

NFP can and should be used by married Catholic couples, as it is in full harmony with Church Teaching. Our program is provided without any charge to married Catholic couples.

Make an Appointment with our CCNFP Educators

Natural Family Planning education is not bound by state lines, meaning you can schedule an appointment with an educator in any state. Each of these educators has a certification in the NFP method they teach. Please select a teacher below that meets your needs to get started.

Gretchen V. Marsh, D.O.
Family Practice Physician, CFCMC

Dr. Marsh provides general medical care for patients of all ages. She also specializes in menstrual cycle disorders, fertility concerns, and menopause concerns. She is certified both as a NaProTechnology Medical Consultant and as a Creighton model Fertility Care practitioner.

*Languages: English

Diane Dunniway, DNP, APN, WHNP-BC, CFCMC
Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, Certified Fertility Care Medical Consultant

Diane sees women and adolescent females for all women's healthcare needs. She is especially passionate about bioidentical hormone replacement and fertility care.

*Languages: English

Cami Jo Tice-Harouff, DNP, APRN, FNP-C
Doctor of Advanced Practice Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner

Doctor of Advanced Practice Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner

*Languages: English

Megan E. Blum, PA-C
Physician Assistant, FEMM and Marquette Method Medical Consultant

PA Blum sees female patients from adolescence through menopause for pro-life, restorative reproductive women’s healthcare to address common women’s health issues. She also sees male spouses of patients struggling with infertility. PA Blum is open to seeing patients who use all models of NFP. Additionally, during the pandemic she offers COVID telehealth to men and women.

*Languages: English

Flenje Oaferina, DPT
Physical Therapist, Billings Ovulation Method Instructor

Dr. Oaferina offers both Physical Therapy and Natural Family Planning services. She is available for virtual teletherapy care and follow-up in a virtual setting.

*Languages: English

Cassondra Moriarty
Certified Family Planning Instructor, Lactation Consultant, Doula

Cassondra provides family planning education using Marquette, Billings, Sympto-Thermal and FEMM methods. She also provides lactation consultation and breastfeeding support.

*Languages: English

Susan Miller
Billings Ovulation Method Instructor

Susan sees girls, women, and married couples who are wishing to learn to chart their cycles for medical knowledge or to avoid, postpone, or achieve pregnancy.

*Languages: English

Kim Cole
Certified Billings Instructor

Kim sees women and couples experiencing all phases of the continuum. Regular Cycles, Irregular Cycles, Breastfeeding, Coming off Hormonal Contraceptives, Perimenopausal and Stress. Couples wishing to achieve or avoid or looking for help understanding how to chart fertility.

*Languages: English

Estela Cordova
Instructora Método de la Ovulación Billings

Estela acepta a mujeres que desean conocer sobre su fertilidad y a parejas que desean utilizar Planificación Familiar Natural para concebir o posponer un embarzo.

*Languages: Spanish

Vicki Braun, M.Sc., CGP
Fertility Educator/Natural Family Planning Instructor

Vicki Braun sees patients who are interested or in need of fertility education, achieving or avoiding pregnancy, as well as understanding women's and teenagers' fertility. She is available for virtual education.

*Languages: English

Ana Gabriela Schmude
Certified Billings Ovulation Method® Instructor

Ana teaches couples and women to chart their menstrual cycles through the Billings Ovulation Method to postpone or achieve pregnancy and identify potential reproductive or other health issues that a Fertility Awareness Methods expert physician can diagnose.

*Languages: English, Spanish 

Ferely Correa
Billings Ovulation Method Instructor

Ferely works with couples/women who wish to achieve, postpone or avoid pregnancies, providing training on Natural Family Planning Billings Method.

Ferely trabaja con parejas/mujeres que deseen lograr, posponer o evitar embarazos, dando entrenamiento en el Método Natural de Planificación Familiar Billings.
*Languages: English, Spanish

Joan P. Pajak MS, RN
Certified Marquette and FEMM Instructor

Joan works with clients in all stages of reproductive life: teens, adults, postpartum, peri-menopause, post discontinuation of hormonal birth control, PCOS and other medical conditions. She teaches women/couples to recognize signs of fertility to avoid or achieve pregnancy and to learn the value of cycle charting as it applies to overall health.

*Languages: English

Meet John Fitzgerald, founder of the St. Augustine Foundation and Catholic Couples NFP. The St. Augustine Foundation believes that Catholics should not be charged to be taught how to attain the happiness and joy of living a life in accordance with Church teaching.


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The CCNFP No-Cost Program: CCNFP offers a no-cost program to teach natural family planning [NFP] to Catholic Married Couples and certain other Catholics. [Please see the definition of Catholic Married Couples]. There are no charges for our teaching program. CCNFP does not sell any products or services and does not refer the name of any couples to anyone other than MyCatholicDoctor [MCD]. MCD will bill health plans if the Catholic individual or couple is eligible. CCNFP will refer to MCD, for teaching NFP only if there are no costs and no co-pays that the Catholic individual or couple must pay for the CCNFP No-Cost Program. CCNFP does not provide Basal Body Temperature thermometers, hormonal monitors, or urine strips, but we do try to advise you of the best prices. If MCD is unable to qualify the couples referred by CCNFP, then CCNFP will provide the teaching at no cost.

Referrals to MyCatholicDoctor: SAF and CCNFP refer individuals and couples, who have expressed an interest in Natural Family Planning [NFP] and/or the risks and efficacy of contraceptives and NFP, to My Catholic Doctor [MCD] because we believe their physicians and providers practice medicine in harmony with Catholic teaching and that they are good physicians and medical providers; however, we do not offer any expert opinions of their medical expertise. If an individual or couple is referred to MCD, any services or consultations will be subject to MCD’s “Terms of Use”. [see MyCatholicDoctor: “Terms of Use”.]

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Center for Disease Control: There is no method of contraception, birth control, or natural family planning that is 100% effective. Therefore, neither SAF, CCNFP nor any other plan or contraception method can guaranty the avoidance or achievement of pregnancy. For the method and typical use effectiveness of natural family planning methods, please consult the U.S. CDC.

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